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My kid turned 8 the other day.  Guess I can't really have 'toddler adventures' posts anymore since he is way past toddler phase lol.  I can't believe how fast time flies!  He was just born a minute ago.  He found my old School House Rock dvds the other day and wanted to watch them with mommy.  He really loved 3's a Magic Number and Interjections! lol.  Funny cause those were two of my favs too.  That and the Counting by 5s and conjunction junction and the one with the preamble (which actually helped me pass a Civics test in school way back in the day) and The Great American Melting Pot....well too many to count.   

Anyhoo, here's some nostalgia for those of you who remember and loved School House Rock. 

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Happy Easter to those who celebrate :)

We did the hide the egg thing with the boy.  It was fun, but kinda sad too.  I know there won't be too many more years that we'll be able to do that, with the magic involved. 

Ok, time to record a funny - haven't done those in a while.  I'll probably regret it later on when I start having a hard time remembering some of these things.

The principal of the elementary school stands out front in the morning greeting the children and parents to school.  He mentioned to my boy, in front of his dad, 'Did you tell your father about what happened in the cafeteria?"  (he was made to move tables for talking to much, no big :)  So, my husband says 'No he didn't.  Son, we'll talk about this tonight'.  He then proceeded to call me at work to tell me we'd be talking about it tonight.

So, I get home from work and the hubby calls to the boy and tells him to come on in so we can both hear what happened.  Now, it's not even 6pm yet, and the sun's still shining outside.  The boy walks in, stands in front of us and says "I'm not trying to be sassy, but technically it's not night time yet."  o_O

I just couldn't keep a straight face over that one. :D
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So, my son runs up to me today and says "Mommy, I know where I came from". Ok, I take the bait and say "Oh really? Where?". And lo and behold, he proceeds to tell me "You were pollinated one day and then I was born!" o_O

Well, technically, I guess he's right.... lol

*apparently they were studying bees, flowers, and pollination in class ^_^
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I haven't been posting as many of the funny moments as I should. I know one day I'm going to regret that as it becomes easier to forget those moments and difficult to recall them. I still need to find a way to also download this journal in case it one day flakes out...

Peanut has these leather loafers that are his 'nice' shoes. He wears them to school and when we go out, etc. The problem is that he plays in them at school and now they are all scuffed up and looking pretty bad. So I asked my dad if he would mind shining his grandchild's shoes, since he has a kit and all. He was happy to do that. In the process of telling the boy what pawpaw was going to do for him, here's how the conversation went:

Me: This weekend we're going to take your shoes over to pawpaw and he's going to shine your shoes.
Peanut: Shine my shoes?
Me: Uh-huh. You know, when pawpaw was a little boy, he used to shine shoes in order to make some money.
Peanut: He did?
Me: Yep
Peanut: I'm going to give pawpaw a quarter for shining my shoes
Me: *caught by surprise and laughing*
Peanut: *continues speaking, serious as can be* Actually, I'm going to give him two quarters since it's two shoes.

LOL Business lessons from a 6 year old. :)
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Time for another peanut story *g* I blog these little tidbits so I will remember them later. There were a couple things I wanted to put in my LJ that he did a few weeks ago, never found the time, and now I can't remember them :( Aw well, at least this one is fresh and funny!

BTW - does anyone know how I can download my journal entries to my computer, in case LJ decides to go belly-up one day? I really want to preserve these memories.

High drama at the grocery store. )
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Now that the boy is 5.5 years old, I guess I should starting calling these posts 'kid adventures'. He's not much a toddler anymore *sniffles at how fast they grow up*

Over the past weekend, our little drama king gave us two good crack-me-ups that I thought would be fun to post.

He's such a ham...a very very sweet ham. )
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And with a final party we had a week ago, the hell known as T-ball season comes to an end. As we arrived at the park for the final game, I couldn't have been more thankful for the end of something as I was for this to end. The whole season long, we did not win a single game.

But wonder of wonders, we WON our very last game! OMGOMGOMG! It was the most exciting game ever! We won by 1 point.

Ironically, the little team we won against had also only won 1 game this season - and it was against US early on in the season AND by only 1 point then, too.

There was joy, hugs, and tears all around. I think everyone at the ball park thought we were insane. Parents were hanging onto the fence and screaming their heads off. lol What a way for us to end our nightmare season!

My hubby and I agreed that our little Peanut will have to come begging on his knees if he wants to play again. The whole time, I had to drag him kicking and screaming to games, to practice, even practicing with me at home. He hated it. He would stand in the outfield and kick the dirt, stare at the clouds, pluck at the grass, dance around with his glove {that was fun *grin*}, and run way out of the base line to avoid getting tagged only to meltdown in a fit when he did. It was an experience I don't want to soon have again. Strangely enough, at the last game, he was all like 'I love baseball, can I play again'? I thought he turned into a pod person LOL

Anyway, it was wonderful to win our final game. The season was a memory I will keep forever. And hope to never repeat lol ^^;
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I'm sure I've mentioned before that kids just crack me up. We put little man in t-ball, now that he just turned 5. It's an experience, I tell ya. So the uniform swallows him and he has about 5 minutes of interest in the game LOL

I missed practice the other day, but my hubby came home with a look of frustration on his face and told me the following story....

Hubby: Guess what your son did today in practice. {note the 'your son' phrasing}
me: What? Tell me!
Hubby: So, he's in the outfield, right? All the other kids were up to bat. And these little warriors are coming up to bat and swinging hard, sending the ball flying and running those bases one after the other. Meanwhile, in the outfield, your son has his hands in the air, waving them around and singing about sunshine o_O All these other boys step up to the plate like the Spartans of olden days with the way they hit that ball. Warriors! And our son is putting on a broadway show in the outfield.

The utter look of horror on his face as he's telling the tale was simply priceless! I laughed so hard I was miserable. Then turned to the boy, who was smiling all the way, and asked him to demonstrate how he sang and dance in the outfield. When he started the reenactment, daddy just threw up his hands in defeat. *grin* That's my sweet baby! <3
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This took me a while to finally post here, because at first it was traumatic, but now I find it hysterical. :) My five year old had several cavities and was going to need a crown. Now, at first, I was like 'a crown? on a baby tooth? eh?' But, turns out this baby tooth is one he won't loose until he's 11-12 years old.

So yeah... )
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So, I was trying to relax on this chilly afternoon, and my 5yo decides to have a meltdown over something he was working on. I look up and he's all "AAAARRGGH". Well, being the big nerd I am, my mind immediately flashes back to the time my hubby and I watched Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, and the infamous "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" scene.

Suddenly, an idea came up, which sent me in a bout of giggles. I called the boy over and {it took me a few minutes to coach him because I couldn't stop laughing} told him to run into the den where daddy was, hold up both fists, grit his teeth and yell "KHAAAAAAAN". As it played out, I could hear my husband burst out laughing in the other room.

Well, not to be out-geeked, he immediately coached the boy to run back into me and yell "I NEED WARP SPEED NOW SCOTTIE". *grins*

But, I got the final word in, by sending him back to yell "I'M GIVIN' IT ALL SHE'S GOT, CAPTAIN".

I crack my own self up. :D
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So today is the day most of us in the states set the clock back an hour. It was the first time the four year old noticed something was different due to that fact, when his bedtime rolled around an hour earlier. The conversation went something like this:

Peanut: 'Momma, why it got dark so soon?'

Me: 'Well, every year we move the clocks forward one hour in the spring, and back one hour in the fall. Today is the day we moved the clocks back, because it gets darker sooner.'

Peanut: 'Oh......the case of the stolen morning!'

LOL The things that come out of kids' mouths.
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So I was sitting there relaxing when the toddler walks up and notes the spider veins on my leg. The conversation went something like this:

Toddler: *gasp* Hey momma! You're cracking.
Me: Huh?
Toddler: *points to spider veins* You're cracking apart. Why are you cracking?
Me: *chuckles* My skin isn't cracking, baby. Those are tattoos that Father Time gave me.
Toddler: Fadder Time?
Me: Yep. Father Time gave me those tattoos.
Toddler: Really? How do you get them?
Me: Well, you have to get older. When you get older, you might get these tattoos.

Me: *notices a boo-boo on his leg* How'd you get your wound there? Did you fall?
Toddler: Well, let me tell you what happened. Once upon a time, I was walking in the woods. Then it started snowing really hard and I tripped on the ice! {Note - we live no where near snow, he's never been in snow} Then, Super-Caillou {Note - a kid's show he watches} came along and saved me! He saved me when I was a baby. Then I started to grow and grow and it hurt my leg.

Me: *gives him a skeptical look* Really? Wow, that sounds like an amazing story.
Toddler: *nods hardily* Yes. It was.

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I cracked up this morning when the child comes running to the door to tell me goodbye and says "And let's be careful out there!"

LOL Now, it's been years and years since I've watched an episode of the series Hill Street Blues. I'm not sure it even airs on any 'old school' channels. Yet, the toddler has to have heard the famed saying from that show somewhere!

And in a totally unrelated funny toddler comment, the spousal unit relayed the following conversation that took place between him and the boy the other afternoon:

Dad: *searching around for a towel to wipe off*
Toddler: "Whachu looking for daddy?"
Dad: "Looking for a towel, bubba"
Toddler: "Why?"
Dad: "To clean up"
Toddler: "Hey daddy! Did you know that elephants can suck water up into their trunk, then they splash it all over their back and it makes them clean. We don't need a towel. What we need is an elephant!"

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We were watching a Disney marathon this weekend, with the star attraction being Pinnochio. Musta seen it half a dozen times in two days. So this morning, as I'm leaving, my little 4 yo Peanut says "Byebye mommy, have a good day at work, and always let your conscious be your guide." O_O LOL

Nothing like starting a Monday morning off with words of wisdom from a 4 year old.
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I've mentioned before that my 4 yo is a total drama king, right? I've had coworkers tell me I need to enroll him in acting classes lol.

So, tonight, the hubby was playing with him, and Peanut was getting all bent out of shape because he wanted "to tell you someting......". (what he wanted to do was tell a story -'once upon a time', or something related to the current Thomas the Train episode that was playing on TV).

But daddy, being daddy, was too busy being the tickle monster and Peanut couldn't get his 'story' out. After a few more minutes of a bizarre combination of giggling and wailing, my little toddler finally threw his hands up to the sky and cried "THIS IS THE WORST DAY EVER!!!!" Then he fake sobbed and said "You've ruined my special day!"

ROFLMAO!!!! Both the spouse and I spent the next little while holding our sides and laughing so hard.

Oh the DRAMA! *laughs* Kids just crack me up.
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Kids just crack me up. Ok, got two 'scenes' to share tonight.
Scene #1
Who in the world was he talking to? The good Lord above? )

Scene #2
Busted! )
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My 3 year old is a humongous 'Thomas the Train' fan. He has a gazillion trains & tracks that he constantly plays with; even going so far as to build a 'branch line' from his room at the front of the house, all the way to our room at the back.

So yesterday, he wanted me to help him build a tower out of some of his railway buildings and bridges. We stacked them one on top of the other until it was about a foot or so high. Then he sits back and says "See I tol' you we could do it, Mommy." Then he wipes the back of his hand across his forehead and says "Wooo, that was hard work. Now let's go drink some coffee." LOOOOL I just fell out.

Yes I'm teaching him well. *grin*
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My child is a character. He's a total drama king. I should seriously put him in acting classes *grin* I crack everyone up when I tell them the latest thing Peanut has done or said. And the boy is only three years old!

So I've been told that I should start writing down some of these things, saving them to look back on later. And what better place to do that than my LJ blog? Well that, and I'm really way too lazy to write in a real paper journal with a real pen. Physically writing something? *shudders* That's too much like work, not to mention having to find a place to shelf it, etc.

Ok, so I'll post these things periodically. Let's start with this one: )
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My baby boo just turned three, and he's learning to speak sentences. So, it's always surprising (and hilarious most of the time) to hear what coherent (yet out of the blue) thing he'll say next. Surprising because some of it is just amazing in that my hubby and I both go "where'd he hear that?"

Example recent conversation:
baby: dad can hap grape? (he's asking his dad for grapes)
dad: no, you already had some
baby: can hap strawberry?
dad: *thinks how we've never eaten strawberries in front of him and wonders where he got that food name* we don't have strawberries, son
baby: can hap cookie?
dad: no, not before supper
baby: can hap a beer?
dad: *WTH?* NO!!! (we don't even drink beer and have never had it at the house, so we have no clue where he got this, unless it was from TV - though we mainly watch kiddie shows 0.0 )

Well, tonight's awe moment made my heart swell so to where I had to clutch my chest in fear that it was gonna burst open.

me: goodnight baby boo
baby: night night baby girl momma
me: *chuckles* I love you
baby: momma! *grabs my face* momma! I'm so happy
me: *heart jumps to throat and I can't even speak*



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