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So, we went to see Star Wars The Force Awakens finally.  We'd been waiting for the crowds to thin out a little.  It was a good movie and I enjoyed it, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed.  I guess I expected more based on all the hype and money it's made.

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I caught the series premier of The Shannara Chronicles on MTv.  It followed Teen Wolf.  I have to admit, it has me hooked and looking forward to the next episode.  I'm a sucker for elfs, demons, and the fight to save any kingdom.  It doesn't hurt that all the actors playing the elfs in the show are super hot!  The Druid is also sexy....that character is played by Manu Bennett who was also a major player in Spartacus (yum).  The scenery alone is breathtaking.  It's filmed in New Zealand after all.

I've replaced TW on my DVR with this new show.

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Have you ever read a book that was fairly well written, but incredibly tedious to read?  Or spent several days reading a story with quite a few disappointing, eye-rolling scenes and an unsatisfactory ending?

Well, Taylor Leigh's book Long Division fit that bill for me.  I just finished this sci-fi m/m book about an evil corporation developing a gaming device to ultimately take over human minds and enslave the world.  Unfortunately, I can not get back those wasted hours.  It was a 600+ page novel that was about 400 pages too long.  Toss in some "oh please" *frowny face*  moments, and some frustrating, hair-yanking moments at the actions of the protagonists (quit with the lip service and self-introspection at inappropriate moments - either commit to the fight or don't).  An extremely disappointing and poorly explained ending put the icing on the cake for me, making me express in writing my disdain, just to get it out of my system.

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We took the 6 year old to see We Bought a Zoo tonight. Originally, we were going to see The Adventures of Tin Tin. But, it turned out the one we had planned to see was 3-D (which didn't show that on the website), and I didn't have enough money for three 3-D tickets so we opted for the Zoo movie.

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I am totally in love with the shows Hart of Dixie on the CW and Suburgatory on ABC. These shows are hilarious.

Hart of Dixie - if you have EVER lived in the south or, heck, even just passed on thru, I think you'll especially enjoy this show. It is hysterical, with tiny droplets of angst here and there. The characters (most of them) are so charming and real (imo) with their quirky ways and southern pride. And watching the displaced New Yorker try to fit into what, in her opinion, amounts to a foreign country (known to the rest of us as Alabama) is just downright funny.

Suburgatory - what is there not to love about this show? It's about a father and daughter who moves from the big bad city into a suburban neighborhood, complete with required barbecues filled with people that have idiosyncrasies that we've all seen in our own neighbors. Another 'trying to fit in' show that keeps me laughing.

Gotta say that I'm also enjoying Revenge on ABC. I tune in each week to see who's next on the 'hit' list and why. It's got me intrigued.
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So I just got finished watching Tron: Legacy on TV. I didn't have a chance to catch it at the theater. The special effects were really awesome, especially the light cycles, and for that one reason, I kinda wish I'd shelled out the exorbitant cost for the movie experience. I really liked how they made Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner *hearts Bruce* look so young in the "flashback" scene. That was a fantastic special effect/make-up job. The plot itself was not too bad, though I would have liked to have seen.....

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We went to see Apollo 18 this weekend. It was a sci-fi horror movie. The movie was filmed in such a way to seem like you're watching a 16mm old fashioned film. Or at least, that's what it seemed like to me. I believe they inserted some actual old film footage of space missions to the moon within the film. It had a Blair Witch Project feel, though not as much shakiness.

It was a pretty good film. We came home and later that night managed to catch Pitch Black on Showtime. I liked Pitch Black better.

There was a lot of 'shock' or 'surprise' factors in the movie, and it did catch a lot of us off guard at times. But, there were a few niggles we had.

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Overall, it was fairly entertaining from a scare-movie point of view, the ending aside. I was ok with spending the extortion admission fee to see it once (especially since we used a gift card - though the $10 for a bottle of water and a coke was another matter), but I probably wouldn't pay to see it again.

For grins, there is a website touted in the movie called www.lunartruth.com that appears to be 'down'. Conspiracy theorists have been having a field day with that. Is the server overloaded? Did 'they' take it down? Does it even exist to begin with? Whether it's a hoax or not is up to you.
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I just recently purchased the available five chapters of a manga called Kiss Ariki, by the manga-ka Youka Nitta, from Amazon. I don't own a kindle, but am trying it through Kindle for the PC. It's a fairly expensive proposition ($2.99 per chapter) and once downloaded it seems smaller than the screen - I've had to zoom in several times, which blurs the image some.

I am preferring digital content to the physical books. For one thing, I don't have enough physical space in my home for any more books - I already have way too many from a multitude of manga publishers. And it's easy to carry the files with me to read anywhere....well, unless I go out of the country like, say, to Canada where that's a big no-no.

But, I can't decide if I like the downloaded kindle edition of manga, or reading it online at places like emanga.com. Guess I'll have to keep trying both to see, though the online reading is definitely cheaper than buying kindle chapters (a point in emanga.com's favor).
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Title: Martin & John
Manhwa-ka: Hee Jung Park
Publisher: Tokyopop

Grade: A

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Title: Golden Prince & Argent King
Mangaka: Kouko Agawa
Publisher: June Manga

Grade: C

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Title: Hard Rock
Mangaka: Akane Abe
Publisher: June Manga

Grade: C

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Title: A Strange and Mystifying Story
Mangaka: Tsuta Suzuki
Publisher: June Manga

Grade: A

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Title: The President's Time
Mangaka: Tamaki Kirishima
Publisher: 801 Media

Grade: B+

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Title: Loving Gaze
Mangaka: Akira Kanbe
Publisher: June Manga

Rating: C

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This is the first Deux Press book I've reviewed.

I used this hand to... His... And then I let him... And stuff... )
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First yaoi novel that I've purchased from June publisher.

In space, no one can hear you moan... )
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Ah Kitty Media...sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes just too damn dark to see.

Who doesn't appreciate some pointless pron? When you can see it that is.... )
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