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New Year resolutions set one up for failure a lot of times, I firmly believe.  My resolution was to eat better and try to shape up.

I didn't even make it all the way through January before failing mine *continues eating ice cream cone while watching TV and surfing around the interwebs*

Oh well, guess I'll try again next year :)
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So, we went to see Star Wars The Force Awakens finally.  We'd been waiting for the crowds to thin out a little.  It was a good movie and I enjoyed it, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed.  I guess I expected more based on all the hype and money it's made.

Putting my opinion under a cut because of spoilers )
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I caught the series premier of The Shannara Chronicles on MTv.  It followed Teen Wolf.  I have to admit, it has me hooked and looking forward to the next episode.  I'm a sucker for elfs, demons, and the fight to save any kingdom.  It doesn't hurt that all the actors playing the elfs in the show are super hot!  The Druid is also sexy....that character is played by Manu Bennett who was also a major player in Spartacus (yum).  The scenery alone is breathtaking.  It's filmed in New Zealand after all.

I've replaced TW on my DVR with this new show.

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Hope the season is bright and merry for everyone!

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So, I watched Disney's animated movie A Christmas Carol.  I think that is the creepiest movie I have ever seen from Disney.  Well parts of it anyway.  I think it's the type of animation it is.  Even though it's PG, I don't think I'll let my kid watch it until he's older.

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I'm just not feeling it this season.  Most of the characters don't interest me (exception being the deputy who appears to be a human torch).  I'm not seeing any chemistry between the characters.  There doesn't appear to be any explanation for the disappearance of Derek, Argent, Isaac, Scott's dad, or Danny.  I'm kinda bummed about the whole thing.  Meh
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So, today my kid is in the room with me watching a news show that was talking about a photographer of many rock star cover albums.  The show mentioned a young Michael Jackson as one of the artists this photographer covered.

My 10 year old turns to me and asks "mom, who is Michael Jackson?"  o_O
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So, in between house chores today, I've been watching some horror movies on one of the cable channels.  Below are four things I learned today:

1.  If you're out on the lake with some young people, and one of those individuals is of Native American descent and telling you he feels bad mojo about the water, don't decide to go swimming anyway.  Instead, start rowing your a$$ off for shore as quickly as possible.  After all, he has hundreds of years of ancestral spirits on his side, so he probably knows what he's talking about.

2.  If you're camping in the woods with some young people, and you stumble on a weird-as-hell mountain man who tells you to leave cause there's 'monsters in these here parts', then pack up your crap as fast as possible and drive back to town.  After all, he's lived there a long time and most likely seen it all.  Besides, there's probably a nice hotel in town that serves free breakfast along with free wifi and cable tv.

3.  When tagging along with a group of young people to an old three story dilapidated house, if you hear a disembodied whisper tell you to GET OUT, then by all means turn around and get the hell out!  Obviously, the house doesn't want you there and is politely warning you that bad things will happen if you stay.

4.  If you go into space, and one of your crew members gets attacked by a creature that latches onto his face to deposit an alien egg, and the cat that you brought with you becomes inexplicably hostile towards this crew member, then for the love of all that's sacred in your world put him in a reinforced isolation chamber until all danger has passed.  Preferably one that has a direct disposal door into space.  After all, your cat is sensing the danger long before you will.
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Just got through watching the Super Bowl Greatest Commercials, 2015 edition.  I gotta admit, that's my favorite part of the Super Bowl (the commercials).  I love the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials the best, followed closely by Doritos.  The Clydesdale commercials are always touching, sometimes humorous.  I think the most touching one was the 9/11 homage at the Super Bowl in 2012. 
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I'm totally enjoying the new fall comedy Selfie.  It is super cute and fun :) 
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I've been watching How to Get Away With Murder, and my question.....WTH is it about?  :(  I am so confused.  All the scene changes between past and present make my head spin.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of Stalker and looking forward to more of that.  I also thought the first episode of Selfie was cute.  I'm not that impressed with NCIS New Orleans...it needs to pick up the pace and not be quite so cheesy.  Scorpion is kinda fun, in a 'park your brain at the door' kinda way.

Some of my favorites have returned and are, so far, really good - Nashville, The Middle, The Goldbergs, Once Upon a Time, NCIS Los Angeles, and Hawaii Five O

So far, the new fall season is pretty good.
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I just have to laugh over all the coverage and hype the news outlets are giving to the new Apple watch.  They give the impression that nothing like it has ever been invented before.  And all the oohs and aahs! 

But, two of my coworkers have had the Galaxy Gear for months now (one has a Gear Fit), and it does almost all the same stuff, and didn't cost as much as this iWatch is going to.

*shakes head at the silly*
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Holy Corny TV!  Batman is playing on IFC!

Does it make me goofy that I thoroughly enjoy watching this campy series?

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Every welcome center I've visited when entering the state of Mississippi have been so nice!  They are full of antiquities and knick knacks; forming inviting and warm scenes.  In some cases, artwork that is unique and detailed from local artists are on display.  There is also a lot of free literature available - places to go, things to do, festival schedules in various parts of the state, historical sites, historical information, recipes, and hotel discounts.  The employees on duty are always friendly and helpful.  And there's always free coffee readily available.


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