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I was talking with my 11 year old about possibly seeing a movie together this weekend, so we looked at the theater offerings together.  After debating back and forth over the very few 'kid-friendly' options available, my kid shocked me by turning and saying...

"It's like the presidential elections, there's just no good options."

LOL  So very very true.
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So, today my kid is in the room with me watching a news show that was talking about a photographer of many rock star cover albums.  The show mentioned a young Michael Jackson as one of the artists this photographer covered.

My 10 year old turns to me and asks "mom, who is Michael Jackson?"  o_O
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So, my boy is now 10.  I'm a little shocked at how old he is now....he was just born a few minutes ago :/
I had to take him shopping the other day for clothes.  I told him to come with me to the gift wrap area.  When he asked why, I told him I had to wrap a present for a bridal shower I was going to.  The conversation that followed went something like this:

Him:  Let me guess, I'm not invited, right?
Me:  Oh sweetie, of course you are. You are always welcome to come.  But, it's going to be all women. You'll be the only boy there.
Him: Hmm, well, I think I'll stay home and watch videos.  If I come, they might think I'm looking for a girlfriend.  And I'm just not emotionally ready for that.

After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing so hard, I told him "well that's good, because momma's not emotionally ready for that either"  o_O   *grin*

I've been remiss about posting things my kid says.  Sometimes, he comes out with the funniest stuff!  And because I've been neglecting writing it down, now I can't remember a lot of it.  I'll try to do better.

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So my husband sometimes likes to watch Big Foot Hunters.  I'm not sure why..it's rather silly..but it cracks me up to hear them say 'There's a squatch in these woods'.

During a recent show, my kid (who was playing with his dinosaur toys nearby) said "That's not bigfoot, dad.  That's an undiscovered bipedal hominid."

What 9 year old talks like that?   o_O 
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So this evening, I was fixing my 9 yr old a taco.  As I asked him if he'd like this and that various toppings, he finally just sighed and told me "mom, I'm a simple man.  I just want meat and shell."  o_O

Well, alrighty then.  I'm glad my 9 yr old is 'a simple man'.  lol
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I hope it's been a wonderful day for everyone :)  My 9 year old surprised me with breakfast in bed!  He did it all by himself, too.  I heard him talking in the kitchen, saying things like "what else what else...cereal, perfect!" and things like that.  I thought he was talking with his dad at first, but never heard the deeper sound of the hubby, so I got up to look.  He turned around and saw me, and said "Moooom!  Go back to bed!  I'm fixing you breakfast!"  lol  So I obliged.  Then he yelled from the other room "Where's the trays".  It was just so special.  He made me toast, bacon he cooked in the microwave, a bowl of cereal and a huge glass of sweet iced tea.  My husband was also shocked since he had planned to help.  It was the first time our kid fixed a meal on his own. :)

He's just growing up so fast *sniffles*

Then we went outside to garden a bit.  He found an earthworm and started gushing about it, what species it was, what is related to, other creatures we might find, etc. etc. etc.  My husband rolled his eyes at the exaggerated never-ending fact spewing and finally told our boy "yeh yeh, we got it, we got it".  At that point, my boy looked at him, sniffed a little and said "Dad, you just don't appreciate my genius".  HAHAHA  Smartass little cuss, too :)


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