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Today's date is cool.  It won't happen again for something like 88 years.  Happy 12-12-12!  And for those of us that are Gundam Wing fans, happy 1x2 day! :D  1x2/1x2/1x2  Yay!

*unsure of the artist
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I wanted to post something for [livejournal.com profile] merith in the [livejournal.com profile] mirth4merith comm that [livejournal.com profile] sharona1x2 created for her. This was posted a few days back. I hoped to bring her some cheer, and I'm glad she enjoyed them :)

So, here's a cheesy little ficlet based on Yamane Ayano's Viewfinder manga, starring some of the cast of Gundam Wing:
Meanwhile, the photographer-cum-reporter was onto another scoop...

And here's some spectacularly awful artwork I drew for her, starring Heero and Duo from Gundam Wing:
And I even colored it, too!

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The wonderfully talented [livejournal.com profile] t_shirt1x2   produced the following amazing pieces for two of my stories!  She rocks so hard!!!!   *rubs all over her and purrs*

The first is a picture from my Gundam Wing story 
When You're Loved.  This scene is towards the end of the fic when Duo jumps happily into Heero's arms and he swings them both around.   


The second is a picture from my X-men story The Camping Trip.  It's a romantic scene between Logan & Remy that takes place in chapter 3.  It is not work safe!

Wolverine/Gambit in front of the campfire

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Thought I might post another of my fics here in the hopes it might stir the muse so I can finish the next chapter of Origins. This one might seem familiar if you've read Origins. Basically, I stole this scene from one of the chapters. I only changed the names to Heero & Duo, and tweaked a couple of spots (changing the initial bit to a failed mission and such). I think it's ok to plagiarize myself when I give myself permission to, don't you think? If you have read the chapter in Origins to which this scene originally belongs, my apologies if it offends to see it here as well. I know it's cheating to the extreme, but there wasn't enough time for me to write something fresh from the initial call to post smut one weekend in the 1x2ML group. Plus, I'm really proud of this chapter (both the original form and this slightly modified GW version). *sheepish grin*

In the Gundam Wing fandom, I'm an avid 'Duo as uke' fan. As such, I generally prefer 1x2 (or whoevever x 2), or at least 1=2 (where both get a shot in the top position). Now, that being said, this is a 2x1 *laughs* But this scene fits better that way.

Posted as part of a SMUT weekend challenge fest in the 1x2ML group.

Author: Jukebox
Pairing: 2x1
Feedback: Always appreciated
Rating: NC-17

Breaking Down The Walls )
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First up from the House of Moans challenge:

Gundam Wing version - The Promise )
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Well, I haven't updated this journal in a few months. So, I thought I'd post a couple of older stories to take up some space *grin*. It's also my sad, sad attempt to stir my muse back to life and help me complete the monster Origins. I'm so much better at reading than writing. *laughs*

Okie, so these were originally written for Halloween a year or two ago. Specifically, I was stupid enough to issue a challenge called "House of Moans" in two different fandom yahoo groups. Stupid because of course I had to participate as well, and there was only a couple or three weeks to get the stories written. Thus is born the same story told two different ways. They are different enough from each other in regards to background, setting, canon characters involved, history of the OCs, etc. But, there are sections within the stories that are exactly word for word.

Lazy much, me? You betcha.

I guess I coulda waited until this Halloween to post them in LJ. But, I'll sleep a few times between now and then, and I'll most likely forget if I wait. My memory has more holes in it than swiss cheese.

Edit: Ok, the stories are apparently too big to post in one entry. So, the next two entries in the journal will be the stories and the links to those entries are below. *frowns* Ya know, this is kinda like work. Seems to defeat the whole 'sit on my arse and do nothing today' plan I had going.

Gundam Wing Version: The Promise

X-men Version: Promise Fulfilled
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Ok, I took advice and went ahead and got the blasted thing done and emailed. Only time will tell if it makes it into the contest or not since the whole deadline thing was a bit confusing. According to a world time zone converter, midnight August 8 Australia Perth something time zone is like 10:55am Aug 7 my time. But, it seems midnight Aug 8 Aussie Perth time would be 10:55am Aug 8 my time. Well, I submitted it at 4 ish pm my time today, so we'll see. Anyhoo, here's the whole thing, sans the uni-banged & braided baka sentences. Oh, and yay for having no time to get it beta'd. *laughs*

Title: Completely Oblivious
Author: Jukebox
Author's e mail: jukebox_csi@yahoo.com
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: 1+5+2, implied 3x4
Warnings: Excessive use of various seduction tips from dating websites. Dubious attempts at humor. Potential ooc-ness of GW boys.
Summary: When it comes to seducing and being seduced, Heero, Wufei, and Duo are completely oblivious.

Still attempting that comedy thing...sigh )
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Well, I thought it was about time I actually put something in this journal. So, here's one of my writings. I'm actually pretty proud of it because it won at The Vault's 1st Spring Songfic Contest last year.

Title: When You’re Loved
Fandom: Gundam wing
Pairing: 1 + 2
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimers: Doing this only for therapeutic value. Not making any money off it. All the characters in this fic don’t belong to me. I'm broke so suing me would be like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. And, I usually think poorly of my own writing, so I'll never make money off of this or any others like it that I write.

Notes: The story was inspired by The Magic of Lassie. The prayer that is said is verbatim from the movie, voiced originally by the great Jimmy Stewart. The song at the end belongs to Debbie Boone. This fic was written in response to the First Annual Spring Songfic Challenge issued at The Vault (http://www.templeofthegoddess.com)

Summary: Thanksgiving isn’t the same for Duo when his lover is missing

Warnings: Characters may seem OOC, Angst, Duo POV

Let's see if I did this lj-cut thing right )


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