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My son took me on a 'date' (so sweet :) to see Beauty and the Beast.  It was so wonderful!  The backdrop and scenery/set were magnificent and stunning.  Some of the scenes, especially the ballroom dance scene, were simply beautiful.  I greatly enjoyed it and kudos to Disney for a well-made live action version of a beloved tale.  Emma Watson was a perfect cast for Belle, in my opinion.

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So tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US.  I'm lucky to have a gathering tomorrow as well as one on Friday.  But, I have to bring food to both.  For the one tomorrow, I'm taking 3 desserts.  Even though there are only 3, I have been cooking for four and a half hours tonight!  Oi!  I'm exhausted.  But, hopefully it will be delicious :)

Here's what I cooked... )
I want to wish everyone who celebrates a very Happy Thanksgiving!
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Hope the season is bright and merry for everyone!

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Holy Corny TV!  Batman is playing on IFC!

Does it make me goofy that I thoroughly enjoy watching this campy series?

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I hope it's been a wonderful day for everyone :)  My 9 year old surprised me with breakfast in bed!  He did it all by himself, too.  I heard him talking in the kitchen, saying things like "what else what else...cereal, perfect!" and things like that.  I thought he was talking with his dad at first, but never heard the deeper sound of the hubby, so I got up to look.  He turned around and saw me, and said "Moooom!  Go back to bed!  I'm fixing you breakfast!"  lol  So I obliged.  Then he yelled from the other room "Where's the trays".  It was just so special.  He made me toast, bacon he cooked in the microwave, a bowl of cereal and a huge glass of sweet iced tea.  My husband was also shocked since he had planned to help.  It was the first time our kid fixed a meal on his own. :)

He's just growing up so fast *sniffles*

Then we went outside to garden a bit.  He found an earthworm and started gushing about it, what species it was, what is related to, other creatures we might find, etc. etc. etc.  My husband rolled his eyes at the exaggerated never-ending fact spewing and finally told our boy "yeh yeh, we got it, we got it".  At that point, my boy looked at him, sniffed a little and said "Dad, you just don't appreciate my genius".  HAHAHA  Smartass little cuss, too :)

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My kid turned 8 the other day.  Guess I can't really have 'toddler adventures' posts anymore since he is way past toddler phase lol.  I can't believe how fast time flies!  He was just born a minute ago.  He found my old School House Rock dvds the other day and wanted to watch them with mommy.  He really loved 3's a Magic Number and Interjections! lol.  Funny cause those were two of my favs too.  That and the Counting by 5s and conjunction junction and the one with the preamble (which actually helped me pass a Civics test in school way back in the day) and The Great American Melting Pot....well too many to count.   

Anyhoo, here's some nostalgia for those of you who remember and loved School House Rock. 

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We went to see Rise of the Guardians last night.  That was an AMAZING film.  We absolutely loved it.  It says something about the enjoyment factor when a good chunk of the audience in the theater applauds a flim at the end, and that is just what happened in the theater we attended.  If you haven't had a chance to go see it yet, I highly recommend it (and stay through the credits to see the extra scene).  Even my crotchety spouse enjoyed the film.  I hope it does well, and I hope it wins the Oscar in the animated series (even though I also enjoyed Hotel Transylvania and ParaNorman).  I will definitely be buying this one when it comes out on DVD.

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So, the son & I are watching the 2005 movie version of King Kong.  It's actually not a bad film, fun to watch.  Some of the scenes though, crack me up!  Like, when King Kong pulls the girl from the sacrificial alter where her arms are tied by rope.  I swear it looks like he broke both her arms!  Check it out at approximately the 2:59 min mark    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxnZIoP_5J0  There's probably better clips showing it, along with the scene immediately after where she's screaming in his fist while her arms are flopping uselessly behind her lol

And then there's a scene where Kong is running through the jungle, girl in his fist, both fists hitting the ground as he runs.  Yeh, like that wouldn't actually leave a broken body & concussion. /sarcasm

There's a lot of those kinds of scenes - where she is being flung or flying all over the place - yet she has no rock burns or deep lacerations, or even a pulled muscle!  Wheeee!

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My mom and I went to see The Avengers over the weekend as a mother's day gift to ourselves.  It was absolutely fantastic...and it's one of the few movies I would actually go back to the theater a second time to pay and see.  There were several scenes that still make me laugh just thinking about them. 

We even stayed until the very very end of the credits, to see both scenes that play (the one that suggests a possible sequel in the middle of the credits, and the one at the end that made us laugh because we could sooooo understand that feeling after a long hard day).

The only thing I didn't care for that much was seeing it in 3-D.  We didn't have a choice, as the regular movie we had planned to see turned out to be unavailable when we arrived, and the only available option was the 3-D.  3-D is actually pretty neat, but I'm not a big fan of watching a movie in 3-D because it gives me eye strain with a pressure-type ache.  And the movie was a bit darker as well (as in not bright enough) than I think it would have been in a regular 2-D theater, so it made some scenes a little harder to see.

Overall, though, I am so glad I went to the big-screen to see this one instead of waiting for it to come out on home video.  It was awesome!  I love Joss Whedon's work.  I wish they would get him to write and direct the X-men movies....preferably one that primarily features Gambit and Wolverine *dreams and drools*
There are a bunch of funny quotes (see IMDB's quote page http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0848228/quotes).  But, I especially enjoyed when Thor and Loki are fighting and Thor tells Loki to listen up, then Ironman whisks Thor away leaving Loki standing there, at which point Loki says (to thin air) "I'm listening".  That just cracked me up!

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Happy Easter to those who celebrate :)

We did the hide the egg thing with the boy.  It was fun, but kinda sad too.  I know there won't be too many more years that we'll be able to do that, with the magic involved. 

Ok, time to record a funny - haven't done those in a while.  I'll probably regret it later on when I start having a hard time remembering some of these things.

The principal of the elementary school stands out front in the morning greeting the children and parents to school.  He mentioned to my boy, in front of his dad, 'Did you tell your father about what happened in the cafeteria?"  (he was made to move tables for talking to much, no big :)  So, my husband says 'No he didn't.  Son, we'll talk about this tonight'.  He then proceeded to call me at work to tell me we'd be talking about it tonight.

So, I get home from work and the hubby calls to the boy and tells him to come on in so we can both hear what happened.  Now, it's not even 6pm yet, and the sun's still shining outside.  The boy walks in, stands in front of us and says "I'm not trying to be sassy, but technically it's not night time yet."  o_O

I just couldn't keep a straight face over that one. :D
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To all who celebrate :) 

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In watching the latest episode of Bleach, my new favorite line of the moment

"You'll have to get down.  I must rampage."

LOL!!  I think I'm going to put something similar as a signature for a while  Something like 'You'll have to stand back. I must rampage.'

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Since it's been a few weeks since the last post, thought I'd post some random weirdness from today.  We decided to go out to dinner tonight.  On the way home, hubby decides he wants a candy bar.  Now, normally he's eating M&Ms or Snickers.  But, for some reason, he decided he wanted coconut.  That was weird number one.  lol  He just never eats a coconut candy bar.  Maybe he's hormonal?  *ponders*  Problem was, he couldn't remember the name.....

So, the conversation went something like this:

him:  I want a candy bar, that coconut one.
me:   Coconut? 
him:  Yeh, you know, Mounds.  The one with coconut and the nuts on top
me:   Oh, you mean Almond Joy? 
him:  No, Mounds
me:   I don't think Mounds has nuts on top  I think that's Almond Joy?
him:  Is it?  No, I think maybe...uh...
me:   Is it?
him:  Uh....
me:   Ok, wait a minute...
     *begins to sing the song from the old commercial* 
         Sometimes you feel like a nut
him:   *picks up the next line*   Sometimes you don't
me:   *eyes look up into memories for a moment*   OH!  Almond Joy has nuts
both of us together:  Mounds don't
me:   So that answers that
him:   Yeh, get me an Almond Joy please
me:  Ok cool
*throws car in park and heads inside*
*spends 10 minutes searching candy aisle*

*gives up and buys a Snickers*

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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Hope Santa brought you everything you asked for :)


Nov. 11th, 2011 12:24 pm
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Today is 11-11-11 :) That won't happen again for another 100 years. Pretty cool. If I'd been on time, this would have gotten posted at 11:11am LOL Oh well.
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I am totally in love with the shows Hart of Dixie on the CW and Suburgatory on ABC. These shows are hilarious.

Hart of Dixie - if you have EVER lived in the south or, heck, even just passed on thru, I think you'll especially enjoy this show. It is hysterical, with tiny droplets of angst here and there. The characters (most of them) are so charming and real (imo) with their quirky ways and southern pride. And watching the displaced New Yorker try to fit into what, in her opinion, amounts to a foreign country (known to the rest of us as Alabama) is just downright funny.

Suburgatory - what is there not to love about this show? It's about a father and daughter who moves from the big bad city into a suburban neighborhood, complete with required barbecues filled with people that have idiosyncrasies that we've all seen in our own neighbors. Another 'trying to fit in' show that keeps me laughing.

Gotta say that I'm also enjoying Revenge on ABC. I tune in each week to see who's next on the 'hit' list and why. It's got me intrigued.
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This is a such a neat advertise by LG Optimus, that I just had to share:


Makes me want one, and I've never been that big into 3D.
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So, my son runs up to me today and says "Mommy, I know where I came from". Ok, I take the bait and say "Oh really? Where?". And lo and behold, he proceeds to tell me "You were pollinated one day and then I was born!" o_O

Well, technically, I guess he's right.... lol

*apparently they were studying bees, flowers, and pollination in class ^_^

Mardi Gras!

Mar. 8th, 2011 12:09 pm
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It be Fat Tuesday. Wishing all y'all that celebrate a Happy Mardi Gras. Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

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The Ovation channel is running the Firefly series everyday this week with an all day marathon on Saturday.  I'm enjoying the hell out of it!  It was such a great series that was ended waaaay too soon.

Oh Firefly, how I miss you.

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