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I wanted to post something for [livejournal.com profile] merith in the [livejournal.com profile] mirth4merith comm that [livejournal.com profile] sharona1x2 created for her. This was posted a few days back. I hoped to bring her some cheer, and I'm glad she enjoyed them :)

So, here's a cheesy little ficlet based on Yamane Ayano's Viewfinder manga, starring some of the cast of Gundam Wing:
Meanwhile, the photographer-cum-reporter was onto another scoop...

And here's some spectacularly awful artwork I drew for her, starring Heero and Duo from Gundam Wing:
And I even colored it, too!

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Want to wish everyone all the best in the New Year!

May this next decade be a good one for everyone. :)

I can't think of any pic better to post than the commission T-Shirt1x2 did for me last year, so I'll just post it again *grins*

Heero, Duo, Hot Tub, Champagne, and Fireworks, oh my!

And because Australia had the most awesome fireworks show this year, I can't help but post the Youtube video. Enjoy and welcome to 2010!
Ooooh Wow! So Shiny!! )
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The AWESOME [livejournal.com profile] t_shirt1x2 has busted her butt to get this commissioned New Year's piece done for me in time for New Year's eve. And what's even better is that it's animated! Woot! She's the best. *rubs all over her and purrs* It's rated R for steamy hot tubs, champagne, fireworks and Gundam Pilots. *grin*

I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year, and all the best in 2009!!!!

Heero and Duo toast the New Year!! )
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The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] t_shirt1x2 has once again worked her magic for a scene from one of my stories. This time, she captured a beautiful portrait of Logan/Remy making love from my story "Come Back to Me". The story can be found by clicking the X-men fanfiction tag in my journal.

The picture is not work safe (NWS), so use appropriate precautions when viewing. It is also rated R/NC-17, therefore if you are underage in your part of the world, please refrain from viewing.

Scene from Come Back To Me
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The wonderfully talented [livejournal.com profile] t_shirt1x2   produced the following amazing pieces for two of my stories!  She rocks so hard!!!!   *rubs all over her and purrs*

The first is a picture from my Gundam Wing story 
When You're Loved.  This scene is towards the end of the fic when Duo jumps happily into Heero's arms and he swings them both around.   


The second is a picture from my X-men story The Camping Trip.  It's a romantic scene between Logan & Remy that takes place in chapter 3.  It is not work safe!

Wolverine/Gambit in front of the campfire


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